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Originally Posted by scconwill View Post
You know your one of those people that are always looking for a argument to stick your unwanted nose into. The simple fact is I have done nothing to provoke your initial response. Maybe the reason you are picking a fight with me is because you know I have a short temper and you know I will respond to it. This is one of the biggest things I half to work on in my journey to becoming a officer. We both are different in many ways and the same, but the major difference is I know when to stop. We both have egg on our face and I'm going to go wash mine off. Lets also remember here I showed no disrespect or rudness to you while you were in here. You are the one who is being disrespectful and rude to me. You started all of this so I'm going to end this. So I hope you have a wonderful day, and stay frosty.
ROFL - If you knew when to stop you wouldn't have replied... Egg... that's hysterical. You didn't show disrespect?? Men... gotta love it.

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