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Originally Posted by 2nd_Lieutenant View Post
So I am looking for a new PT routine to get me back into shape. I am mainly focusing on my abs and arms. Can anyone help me out??
Eltee,I don't know of any "new" routine not knowing your "old" routine but besides your everyday weight work or fitness machines I'd say push-ups/ pull-ups for the arms & sit-ups/ crunchers for the abs. Those can be done anywhere, any time, no gym required. Don't just work on arms & abs to get in shape. Cardio is the most important so you'll have to run a lot, too.

What I tell young people preparing for BCT/AIT/OSUT is to alternate push-ups with sit-ups while watching TV every time there's a commercial on. That's one of the methods I used for my son when he was preparing for Infantry OSUT/Airborne School /RIP & he found those to be fairly easy & even at Ranger School a year later. Of course he had to train for running fast for long distances as well.
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