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Originally Posted by bdmach1 View Post
I like the fact of the guard being stateside for family and helping out in times of crisis or natural disasters. And yes I would try for the AGR for a fulltime spot what does the PT prior to getting into basic consist of this way I can train harded to pass at a higher level for my age group like you had sugested in a previous post of mine. And thank you by the way being extremely helpfull.

You can find the APFT requirements for your age group via Google under "APFT". As a start do lots of running. Go 2, 3, or 4 miles to enable you to do the 2 mile standard easier. Start doing push-ups & sit-ups every time a commercial comes on TV while watching. Ask your Recruiter if you can take some classes & if he can administer a PT test to enable you to enter the Army one rank higher. The APFT consist of a 2 mile run, 2 minutes of push-ups & 2 minutes of sit-ups. Also be prepared to do pull-ups in basic. (Not included in the APFT)

Bear in mind that there aren't a whole lot of AGR slots available. You might not be able to get a slot as a lower ranking soldier. When I was an Active Army Advisor to a Reserve Division most AGRs were SSG & SFC with a few SGTs & officers. They need seasoned & qualified people to run the Guard unit on a day-to-day basis. With the job situation as it is my guess is a lot of Guardsmen NCOs have applied & been accepted to fill any open positions. You'll have to see a National Guard Recruiter & ask him about availability of AGR positions & if he can possibly get you a contract then go for it.

Also you have to realize that National Guard units get activated & deployed. As a matter of fact count on it. Most of the Army National Guard is Combat Arms so deployment is imminent. You might not be at home for your whole enlistment or even stateside. Active duty for a call-up is usually 15 months with 12 months actually deployed. Our WI Army Guard's 32nd Infantry Brigade is going in a few months, all 3300 of them. They're slated to go to Iraq but with the pull-out I wouldn't be surprised if they went to Afghanistan instead.

If you went Active Army or if you can get an Active First contract in the Guard you can still serve in the Guard after your active duty time & you'll probably be a SGT or close to it.

Every enlistment is different so get with your Recruiter & see if he can hammer out a contract that you want.

You'll still be a "Weekend Warrior" if you aren't able to work full time in your unit drilling one weekend a month & two weeks a year of annual training. I'll say it again - the only MOSs you can get are the ones that they can use in your Guard unit either part time or full time. It wouldn't do you any good to be a Tanker when all they can use are Infantrymen.
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