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Posted by andoman42-
True about the EMP but if the military would want robots on the battlefield they would also cough up the money for the EMP shielding. And I would guess that robots would be able to push that extra mile....they shouldn´t ever get tired......and why would they need the spirit? They would be 100% efficient killers with no feelings of remorse, no shell shock, no psychological problems whatsoever. And that is true that at the current technology level they cannot match the human brain, but at the speed technology advances I wouldn´t be too surprised if a machine would pass the Turing test in the next 10-20 years.

EMP shielding is very expensive and time-consuming. Humans are cheaper soldiers. Robots cannot push the extra mile because there is no such thing for a machine like that. It can't go beyond what it was designated to do. Spirit pushes men to do extraordinary things in the field of battle. Machines would be overly efficient killers, likely slaughtering surrendering troops or civilians, or do you plan on having a pilot for each robot? Getting really inefficient here. COMPUTERS WILL NEVER EXCEED THE ABILITIES AND SPEED OF THE HUMAN MIND. Don't mean to pick a fight, but I am just a firvent anti-technologist. And yet I use it more than anyone else in the family .
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