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I can answer this one. The reserves offer two different routes. One is money for college (montgomery GI bill + a 350 kicker) and a 10,000 bonus. With this you get 2 years with non-deployable status and you go to drill one weekend a month and to training 2 weeks outof the summer. the other is a 20,000 bonus and you serve in the reserves with only the montgomery GI bill for college. With both options you have to go to bct and ait during the summer. BCT is 10 weeks (including reception battalion) and AIT length varies with the job. My mos is 68W. (combat medic) AIT is 18 weeks long and there's a lot you can learn. For both basic and ait you get active duty pay. The reserves are a great option if you have a civilian career or need money for college.
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