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Originally Posted by skotmel View Post
I am currently looking into enlisting. I started off wanting to go straight in to the WOFT program, however, after talking to multiple recruiters, I have come to the conclusion that this will pretty much be impossible. I was told that I needed to choose a MOS in the 15 series and then put in the Warrant Officer packet after I have been at my duty station for 1 - 2 years. I have also been told that if I chose 15T or 15U that I would obtain flight time to help with my Warrant packet. Now I am being told by the recruiter that there is no open slots for 15T in my area. The recruiter stated that I may get MEPS to pull a 15T slot from the national listing. Is that true? Also is there any other 15 series positions that would give me flight time? My ultimate goal is to become a helicopter pilot. I have been pushed off to three different recruiters as of now and each one of them have a completly different idea on what options are available to me.
I'm not sure that 15Ts get any flight time. You're a repairer, a mechanic. I could be wrong. You could become a crew chief but that would probably come after making SGT. I don't know what "flight time" has anything to do with becoming a pilot. You certainly won't be flying a bird but rather just a passenger if even. I should be a Master Army Aviator with all the time I spent in choppers. Never once did I have a hold of the stick, though. Also I don't know what they were trying to tell you there are no 15T slots "in your area". You're not enlisting for duty "in your area". You could be posted at any Army faciliity in the world that has helicopters. My son signed up for 11B Rangers & there certainly no Ranger units around here! MEPS should indeed be able to pull 15T from a national listing. You're joining the US Army not your state Army. If they can't or won't do that then walk out immediately. Tell them to call you when it becomes available. Sometimes that works wonders & they'll miraculously "find" a slot before you reach the door. Unfortunately the last month or so has been a seller's market. H.S. & colleges are about to graduate, the job market is crappy the Recruiting offices are filling up fast. Nowdays it's take it or leave it. Hopefully there are some Recruiters that will still go the extra mile for the prospect. I hate when you get different explanations from different Recruiters. There should only be one standard & one answer. Call them on it. Ask them what in the hell is the right answer. Ask them why in the hell they can't research, make a call & find out. Ask them why in the hell you see 3 different people & get 3 different answers.

Why can't you go to WOFT? Did't you score high enough in the ASVAB? Otherwise I can't figure that one out. If no slots are available he can still get you a contract that would see you leave within a year. I can't believe that an opening in 15T AIT wouldn't be available within 365days. Do the Recruiters have a "flavor of the day" they have to push? All other MOSs go by the wayside?

As I said before - this is a bad time of year to enlist. Too much competition for desireable MOSs. A prospective recruit can sign up in their junior year of H.S & not leave until after graduation & beat the rush.
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