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Originally Posted by xcom
If i were to enlist in the army for two years, and after two years i went to college, would the army cover part of the tuition?
When you enlist into the military - If you get say - $32,000 for 3 years - Say you don't enlist again AFTER those two years. Well the money is there for you up until 10 years after you term is done. If you don't use it, then it goes back into the system. Also, keep in mind. That you don't have to use all that money towards college. As long as you are "in" a college and your recruiter or whoever has that paper work then you are good for that money. I'm not saying "Hey spend it on something else after you take your 4 years of college at a 4,000 a year tuition school.", but making you aware of what's possible.
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