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Arrow did you consider guard or ROTC?

i am in ROTC, and they have scholarships available, and also a monthly stipend for living expenses. if you were to do national guard, you would go to basic and AIT, and you would get paid while you are there, (it is something like 15 weeks) then after basic you would do one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer. you get paid for the weekends, and you would also qualify for the GI Bill, which will pay for college tuition and you would also get money every month tax free.

i am leaving in may for basic and i am enrolled at UCF for ROTC (training to be an officer in the army). when you go through ROTC, you can go into active duty as a 2nd lt.

also, if you go to basic first then when you come out go straight to college and do ROTC, you can do an SMP (simultaneous membership program) and you are NOT DEPLOYABLE WHILE YOU ARE IN ROTC!!

i would talk to a local college and find out about ROTC first, then they will give you more options than just walking into the recruiters office.
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