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Mental Health is always a concerning issue for Professional Soldiers.... The macho based culture of the military can be an issue for exasibating mental illness especially PTSD, but the tree hugging culture of shrinks does not help either.. Military Shrinks who are worth anything as doctors adjust to the realities of military life and are near magical in their approach to Patient diagnosis and care. However, Its a developing craft and all soldiers dont get the same care. That said, whilst my old Battalion had a great shrink covering us (no recorded suicides whilst I was there), those in need got treated, but they were the very few. Its often a neurotic little sissie crying wolf that creates the issue as they label a stereotype of "crybaby" for going shrink sick, and the real guys in trouble are afraid to come forward. There is allot of work to be done, but from my chair Stereotypical neurotic sizzies getting all shrink sick is the first thing that the shrinks need to knock on the head, and get the real cases through to them for treatment.

A mate of mine was talking about stress after his last deployment, and laughed as the shrink who was poking around afterwards... He made a good point about managing stress by saying "its amazing what a good bottle of whisky and a couple of mates from the Platoon can do over an evening, best counselling session a soldier can get"... That my friend is what "espirit de corps" is all about!!.....
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