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Originally Posted by Kitika View Post
First and foremost...theres a nice part of the Ghetto!? How did I not know this....!? And is housing really that bad? And or hard to get into on post?....Great...more stressing on my part now....
Yes, it can be this hard to get onto a post with a LOW RANK! We needed a 3-bdrm so there are many in our rank needing that many rooms apparently. If we had one more kid we would qualify for a 4 bedroom because of the ages of our kids... HEY - NO WORRIES we are working on it! The nice part is the 4-bdrm housing is BRAND NEW... hahaha so hopefully in 12 months we'll be moving right in.

As for the ghetto... heck yah! They try and build up some areas to encourage good people like us to stablize the city (or to give the crazies some game)... or they renovate to make it prettier... hahaha STILL THE SAME MENTALITIES just cuter houses.

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