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Just a little addition to my above post.

I realized that asking someone to do 700-1000 sit up/crunches may shock them. I failed to explain how to go about doing that.

I don't mean sit down and literally do 700 sit ups at once. Do them in sets. Like 20 at a time or even 10 at a time. But try not to rest for extended amounts of time in between sets. Do 20, rest for 20 or 30 seconds and try to do 20 more. You can rest for as long as you need however you want to keep a good heart rate going so you don't want more rest then actual physical activity. IMPORTANT-STRETCH PROPERLY AFTER EACH WORK OUT.

I'll give you a example of my routine for you to go by.

I'll do around 50 sit ups and rest for a minute. Then I'll do 20 more. Rest for 30 seconds or so and do as many as I can. Then rest after each time. I go from anywhere to 100-200 full sit ups each workout per day. Then I'll go into 100 flutter kicks and rest for a minute. Do 100 bicycle kicks and rest for a minute. Lay "indian style" laid back and do 50-100. Right there you've easily pulled off 500 sit up/crunch variations. If you can't do 100 all at once do as many as you can until you get there.

You want to get used to doing FULL sit ups as much as possible. You may find your doing a lot more of those then crunches. Flutter kicks may be done frequently also.

Your body needs to be pushed to its edge and then some. So when your doing sit ups and you think you can't do anymore. Do 10 more.

Same with push ups. You can go a lot longer then your mind will tell you, you just have to push through. Making sure not to over due yourself of course, you should know your limits.

Hope someone gets some use out of this. =)
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