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Hello. While this information is useful, it might would be a better idea to add a few higher numbers in there. A average 200 lbs man doing 5 push ups and sit ups isn't going to do a whole lot. Realistically, your body needs to be pushed to get significant results.

Before my arrival to BCT I was doing anywhere from 700-1000 sit ups/crunch variations a day along with 100-200 push ups a day. While also curling a 40 lbs dumb bell to get a full arm workout. Along with 2 mile runs frequently.

Needless to say when I arrived to boot camp, at Ft Benning I was the strongest guy in the group and I was 18. I could do 15 push ups totally upside down standing on my hands while no one else could pull off 1 decent one.

And even still, I got smoked and smoked often. It's not exactly all about doing push ups because I can recall only doing 20 to 30 push ups but we had to hold our selves half way down for 30 seconds to a minute between each push up. So it wasn't really the push ups that got us. NEVER did I only do 5 push ups there, it just didn't happen =)

Practice doing push ups, and while doing that hold yourself half way from the ground as long as you can and try to get better and better times holding yourself. try to get 90 degree angel in the elbows. If you can pull off a decent amount of push ups while holding yourself, you will surely find that doing only the push ups will become much easier. Then, when the times comes and you do find yourself 6 inches from the ground groaning and shaking in pain, you'll be glad you've been doing it for months.

I'd like to think that if you really push yourself in the comfort and security of your own home and surroundings, when your at BCT getting running around like a chicken with there head cut off your physical fitness won't hender you from doing the absolute best you can.

I hope to walk away at the ultimate top of my group.

Good luck with everything!
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