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Originally Posted by Gunbunny13 View Post
The first thing you need to remember is, your not alone. There will a whole platoon of guys who think that they are the only one being yelled at, deprived of sleep, starved, it goes on and on. There are only 24 hours in a day and you get to sleep for 8 of those. You will get through it. There is nothing going on there that hundreds of thousands haven't already done before you got there. They did it, you can too.
Some things you should know are, Ft. Knox gets hot and humid in the summer. The Ohio river is less than 10 miles north as the crow flies from post. The soil is red, Wilson Rd is the street you'll be looking at, the barrack's are older but, the training is state of the art and up to date.
Yeah, thats what I tell myself when I think of the few things I know are coming that I am not too thrilled about. Other people did it...people I know too and sme of them I would even consider bigger sissies than myself.

For the most part, I can handle being yelled at, my father broke me in pretty damn well. The hot and humid is no problem. I live in FL so hot and humid is normal.

What do you mean by the bolded though?
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