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Originally Posted by reconmedik View Post
Hey Cake, still looking good!! I am glad you and Missinhim have decided to grace us with your lovely presence. Since you guy's have joined the forum JBIZ is working on moving out of his mom's basement and is actually wearing pants now!! To answer your question, when I was in Iraq we only used the cards for phone service. Mostly due to OPSEC (operational security), we were required to only use the phones that the Army provided. I thought that was a load of crap so I bought a cell phone from Iraqna Cellular and bought minutes so I could call home and they could call me whenever I wanted without haveing to wait in line for 3 hours to make a 5 minute phone call. Almost every FOB (forward operating base) has a internet service that is secure and mostly reliable. It is EXTREMELY important that whatever method is used that he remembers that no matter which one....someone is lisetning. OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC!!! Never say or type anything that may put your fellow Soldiers at risk or provide the enemy with propaganda.
Lmao, I don't think Johnny will be out of his mommy's basement any time soon

I didn't know about the cell phones.. that's cool. I can just get international calling on my cell so he wouldn't have to waste his minutes.

If he does get deployed, it'd be nice if he had internet in his room. Webcamming would be awesome.
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