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Originally Posted by REB View Post
I would like to thank you for your reply to my questions. I would also like to make it clear that the bonus is NOT the reason I am enlisting. I love this country. I want to help preserve what this country represents. My bonus questions are because it would be nice to have something (no matter how small) there to help support my family while I am gone.
I understand that, REB. However, if a bonus is due you then it's wise to get it. Sometimes deciding on a different MOS can make a difference of $40K. I think it's more important to be happy in your MOS. You have to live with it for the length of time you're on active duty as well as any Guard time you have to serve.

Another consideration that you might want to ask your Recruiter about is if the MOS you want is also an MOS that your Guard unit uses. I'm sure he won't sign you up for Active First if that's not the case.It doesn't do anyone any good if your Guard unit doesn't have any slots for 31B. I think most do. From what I gather Army Reserve units don't have many 31Bs.
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