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Thumbs up My Ruby GA 7.62mm

Pistola Automatica Calibre 7.62mm Garate Anitua & Cia- Eibar (Spain)
(Finnish M/19)

My grampa got this piece when they phased out some time in the 60-70's

so called "Ruby" pistol. possible ww1 relic. Finland bought about 10.000 of thease from France
in 1919. it was bought in numbers during the same deal when we bought some Renault tanks and other equipment for the new armed forces of Finland. the pistol it self is quite
horrible because "Rubys" were manufactured by some 30 different companys in Spain.
the parts were not interchangeable between the different manufacturer models
and the efficiency of the pistol was dubious at best. 7.62x17mm (.32 ACP)
was very poor man stopper, and the gun it self was usually fairly inaccurate
and heavy for it's caliber.

Still, it was the first official pistol of the Finnish Defence Forces.

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