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Default david

Originally Posted by David.Par
Hello everyone,

Im David.Par and im a volentered solider - im allowed to get an AKO account ([url][/url]) to access news, e-mail etc. But it says i need a sponsor to activate my account (ie someone who is a full active solider). I currently dont know any full active soliders.

Would there be anyone here about to sponsor me?

I can provide proof i am a voldentered solider in the usa.

Many Thanks
Hello . Well you would have to wait to see if anyone would in fact sponsor you at this time.. or what you could do is ask somone you know or somone you might be able to meet? that is a full time soldier.. but i dont see why not..i would if i could. and i think your doing a good think. just ask somone that is ion fulltime would be the best bet.. luck to you..

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