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Originally Posted by frrimos4 View Post
Just wanna say hi to everyone out there. I'm super excited. I leave for bct June 1st, 2 days b4 my bday, yeah!!!
Just have a couple of questions.
During training, does everyone get up at the same time or are we allowed to get up earlier to brush our teeth and what not?
As for the showers, (that I'm dreading) do we have to shower at a certain time and all at once?
And the workouts, do we bring our own socks and shoes?
Any advices is much appreciated!!
ALoha Dude!!.. If you are shy in the shower, just throw off the inhabition and get a shower dude, its 30 seconds anyway when you are in training so you are always superfast... Bring GOOD running shoes, Nike Air or something with aircoushions in it to reduce the risk of silly injuiry to knees or ankles when out running... Cotton socks always, no nylon... you feet with thank you later..... Oh, and metholated spirits once a day on your feet (just dabb it on) for 10 days before training will harden them up and reduce the likelihood of blisters in boots or out running especially in hot climates.... Good luck to ya... and remember the golden rule of training, "train as hard as you wanna fight".... keep your head down and listen to your instructors.. dont take the yelling personally cos its not personal... they are preparing you for Army life and war so accept the new reality of breakdown as a civvi and build up as a solder, and you will not go wrong..

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