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Originally Posted by missinhim View Post
the black kids in our school don't mind it. they have a sence of humor. as long as your joking around with them they don't care. i also find it pathetic there getting so mad at this. really.

and he already said he doesn't do it anymore.
Thats fine missinhim... but some people will react differently to some comments and this site
is a family site...some words are appropriate in private depending on the person and how well you know their personality and sense of humour.

What isnt offensive to one can be be very offensive to another.I have a young niece(11 years old)she could come on this website to send me a message when I am away in the week and read some of the you think the teachers at her 1st school would be happy with her saying that word?...whether its got an A on the end or an ER...its still pronounced the same unless you have perfect pronunciation.

I can call some of my mates I know (Women/men)somethings I would not dream of calling strangers(unless they deserved it..and then it wouldnt be a joke)

Can you understand my point?

As for drug takers...sometimes you have to be cruel to be might sound over the top.
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