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Originally Posted by JBizo View Post
So, last night I was at a local bar and I began chatting with a few guys who seem to be locals there. One of them I had never seen before and it came up that I am leaving for the Army soon. They shook my hand and thanks me all that good stuff and this guy, his name was John, I think, started telling me that he was at ground zero and all the carnage he saw, etc. He said that there were 5,000 Firefighters and Police that had addressed George Bush and requested to be deployed to Afghanistan, for free but were rejected and then he told me that he was diagnosed with PTSD and forced to take meds for 2 years or go to the Psych ward. Anyway, he said that he had buddies in the service and that when I get to Afghanistan to look for the soldiers that have necklaces strewn with ears. Human ****ing ears!?

I didn't really know how to react to this, but WTF? Are there actually soldiers out there collecting the severed ears of insurgents?
Sounds like that guy was watching Universal Soldier... Dolph Lungrin did a most convincing cast as a pscho super soldier..... Dude, I would not take that seriously....
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