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I realize that he is grown up now and has to make his won decisions, but as his sister I still feel obligated to look out for him. I don't want to see him **** up his life.

@MSG Glenn - Yes, I wish he and his recruiter had put more effort into preparing him for basic training. I am in the Air Force DEP and don't leave until August, but I started working out two months ago. But he only had about two weeks to prepare, which still ins't an excuse, I just wish he had more time to get ready. Which is essentially my brother's fault, he was orginally joining under 63B, but he wouldn't have left until mid february and he wanted (needed) to leave asap, so instead he reserved 21B so her could leave that following week.

But I'm doing as much as I can to convince him to stick it out, which in my opinion is his only option. I just pray he listens.
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