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i know it's been tough, but i know the soldiers have had a rough go at it. there's been four suicide attempts [one being 18] and one soldier getting arrested for going AWOL. if you want some information about military wife life, pick up a book called "Married to the Military" by Meredith Leyva. In one of the first five chapters, it states that basic training owns your man until graduation day which is a thousand percent true. also it says that it is a bit of a shock entering military life but just keep encouraging your man until he graduates. just know that thousands of soldiers and their families have gone through this before us and they did it just fine.

yeah, i also think it's crap that if one person screws up, the whole company is punished, but that's just the army. you either all do it right or all do it wrong. in all honesty, this does make you stronger. just think if they get deployed and you don't get to see them for over a year. yes, deployed soldiers do get more luxuries but they went through basic as well. basic hasn't really changed. actually today, it's alot easier. they don't get hit, they get their cell phones if they're lucky...

i know it gets frustrating. the army really does give a s*** believe it or not. you can call them if you're dissatisfied but you probably won't get a very satisfying answer. you have to look at both sides of this, yours and theirs. how much do you think it sucks for them being in BCT with hundreds of other soldiers away from their families? they would love nothing more than to leave there, i'm sure but i'm sure if you asked alot of soldiers there, they would say that they're doing this first and foremost for their country and secondly because they're making their family proud. i absolutely HATED the idea of the army when my boyfriend first dropped the bomb but now i fully embrace it after tons of research and a few talks with the recruiter.

just keep your soldiers hopes up, they really appreciate everyone they love standing behind them. and as frustrating as it gets, it'll all be worth it.
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