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Originally Posted by ozzi-solja
thankyou... thankyou... thankyou very much. i'm so proud to take bronze... but i think someones been rooting the judges.

c'mon, lets be serious. the Australian Defence Force doesnt have the numbers nor the funding to be placed above China or Russia. well, maybe Russia on the skill level, but definately not China. for christs sake, their a mob of commies, discipline is ALL their middle names, right next to Chang.

US is definately at the top, with Britain a close second, only because they have the skill and motivation, while the US has THAT, AND technological capabilities above that of the UK.
I support anyone who sticks it out with us and the UK and Australia have done just that. Plus I've heard yall aren't too shabby in combat. China just has sheer numbers (and it's only going to get bigger and better), but right now I think they can be handled quite easily.
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