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Well we got a call this past Monday . . . seems someone used the phone without permission and so they lost phone time for two weeks lol. He's in C Company by the way. Was good to hear that he was no longer sick with the flu and hopefully the weather will begin to get better? He just wasn't used to the cold (grin). He now sounds like he is just ready for it to be over so he can move on to AIT training.

We did finally get the Graduation info . . . bummer it didn't arrive one week sooner before everything went up due to Spring Break lol. But we made our final arrangements today and did get a hotel that is very near the base. Oh and I watched a Graduation ceremoney online yesterday that was interesting.

Just FYI . . . most hotels will either not charge you till you arrive or will refund the full amount up to about 24 or 48 hrs prior to first nights stay. Also, if you purchase the airfare insurance, its easy to get dates changed or even fee refunded if needed. I would think it's pretty safe to say that they will graduate on time from what I've heard.

I did try checking the units webpage but it doesnt look like they spend much time updating it lol. One spot supposedly has photos but there are none and the grad info is still showing 2008 info.

I'm soooo excited to see my son as is his brother . . who btw will leave in May/June for his Basic. At least now I will have a better idea of how it all goes.
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