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Originally Posted by Grimm View Post
There used to be an advertisement the said "Say it with roses." Well here we would prefer if when you really want to vent you say it with asterisks (that is the * for those of you who don't understand). Sometimes letting people fill in the blanks for themselves is more amusing. Remember Y&G was 17 or 16 when he joined the forums and we have had younger members.

I appreciate everyones help in this.

I do agree with tacky the Osprey is a piece of ******* **** that I wouldn't put my worst enemy in. For a truly great bird try the 53. Navy, Marines, and Air force all use them they are some powerful workhorses. 1st helicopter to do a barrel roll and a loop de loop.

Have a ****** ******* great ******* **** free happy *** day.

fill in the blanks.
**** off Grimm U basterd! aaahhhhhhhhh! its an American swear word dictionary......AHHHHHHHHH!
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