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Originally Posted by akemper1 View Post
Hello everyone so I finally decided to join, but I started my enlistement process with the USMC. All I did with them was fill out the National Security Position Questionare, and the medical prescreening form. Does this is any way bind me to the Marines? I have been going between the two and finally decided on the Army, it just appeals to me in ways the Marines do not. Plus the Marine recruiter just does not seem to want anything to do with me.

I have 15 college credits, Scored a 92 on my ASVAB, and have surpassed the IST and PFT for both Branches.

So my main question is I can still just take all my documents over to the Army recruiter correct? I dont think I am legally binded to the Marines in any way.

Thank you for your time!
The security clearance and medical prescreening forms are not binding. Like JB said, you are not bound until you actually swear in. You can probably transfer all the information over to your Army recruiters paperwork, and the ASVAB score is good for a few years I think.
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