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Originally Posted by js_mac
I'm not; I just support anyone who plays against the US.
European top level? You mean like Manchester City, Reading, and Borussia Monchengladbach?.... the US team is piss. Then you have the Italians who have players who play for teams like AC Milan and Juventus. On paper, the Italians are miles better than the US. All teams have their good days, as well as their bad days. The US had a good day; Italy had a bad day. I do admit that the Italians do enjoy acting a bit.
It wasn't an insult... you are a fake american
There are 3 Americans in the Man Utd team and 1 at Blackburn and 1 at Fulham .There's quite a few actually .It's surprising how many there are really . I guess they have to play in Europe ....
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