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Originally Posted by IXIMIKERIXI
Thank you. If there is anyone else that has any information on this please let me know I would appreciate it I know when I go get my physical I'm gonna have my back straight as I possibly can.. Do they look at your doctors records or anything to see what you've been to the doctor for? Because that is the only way they might find out cause its not bad at all. I am an athlete and have never had any problems with it. I just hope I can get in with it.
i agree in some ways. but you have to consider this.. you have scoliosis.. ask your doctor if carying alot of weight maybe more than you can handle will affect you back or maybe hurt you badly !! and also you will have to move and jump climb and fall.. just make sure .you will be carring alot of weight for very long periods of time and doing alot of exercice ! please be carfull and make sure you ask you doctor.. you dont want to hurt urself... if he says its all good then go for it and the best of luck.. but safty is first. good luck
running miles with a rug sack.. it kills ur back trust me.
so pls ask..

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