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Originally Posted by Usque Sidera View Post
So I have been looking at joining and just have a few questions..

First of all, what is the exact policy on non-visible piercings (I.E. Nipples)? Is it banned while on duty? Are clear retainers allowed? I know earrings for men are banned, but the regulation seems a bit vague on 'other' parts... No one is going to inspect your "other" parts for piercings but keep it on the down low and don't make a big deal out of it and no one else will either.

For you married folks out there, how difficult was moving your family? Is the insurance for dependents acceptable? You can ask one hundred people this question and you'll get 100 different answers. We have been doing this 13 years and honestly have not had a problem, the Army has moved us plenty of times and while it's not always "easy", they do ok. I mean they pack you up and take your stuff and then if you ask them to, they will unpack and set up all your major furniture. Insurance, again, ask different people, you get different answers. I try to remind people that the civilian sector has their share of problems too, I mean why are there so many malpractice lawyers if it was perfect? As for as our insurance goes, I haven't had any problems and I have children with special needs and medical issues of my own and have always received great care with no cost.

I've been told I can get LASIK after boot camp, anyone gone through this? How hard was it to get, etc? That depends on your duty station. The qualification is different at each installation, some that are combat MOS heavy send all their combat MOS' first. Now they are able to get more and more people done but it still takes some time and it will depend on what their priorities are. And also if you even qualify for it.

Thanks for any input!!!
Good luck!
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