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Originally Posted by Lily84 View Post
I have search all over the internet trying to find this info. Maybe someone here can advise me.

My husband is leaving for basic training on July 22nd. I know that once he receives a permanent duty station BAH will be based from there, but I have read that during training BAH is calculated on dependant's location. What do I need to do to give them updated information when I move in August? I am moving to Maryland because I am pregnant and need some help for the 8 months that my husband will be gone. The BAH there is $700 a month more and I know if I try to get a place there with a Phoenix based BAH, I will never be able to survive. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
You receive it for the state your husband had residency in... from what I was told it doesn't have anything to do with where your dependents are. Could have mis-understood though. ArmyGirl4Ever will know. haha

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