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Originally Posted by Kitika View Post
HOOAH!!! I'm aomost done unpacking all the boxes and junk! I'm excited!! I love this state. Well not so much, it's not Texas, and nothing will ever be Texas, but least the trees around here change olors, right? Oh It's Georgia I'm talking about. Yeah and Turkey day being around the cornor is so not cool. First time for me to be away from the family during the holidays, so I guess I get to learn how to make a turkey. Anyways, it's going to be a while again before I get on. Over at a friends house right now. Hvaen't had the chance to get the net set up at my place. Oh yeah did I mention I like being
Congrats.... good job Kit... remember, good marinading makes a turking juicier, but the cooking time is about 10% longer.... otherwise, clean it, tin foil around it, and drop kick it into the oven.....
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