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But after the RIP program you have a 6 month sort of training period with a Ranger member at your battalion. Then after that period u go to the actuall Ranger training program I'm not totally sure how long that training is but I will post it. I know that because I am going to do that starting July 10 at Fort Benning. [/QUOTE]

You are not 100% correct on this. Yes, you have to serve time in batt before they will send you to Ranger school. But you will be a Ranger, and you will be'll just have to put up with some hazing as well.

Ranger school is a leadership school, passing it won't make you a Ranger. In Ranger batt, it is more of a rite of passage than anything else. Failure is not an option if you want to stay in batt. You will be better prepared than anyone else, you'll already have the skills, you'll just have to have the mental and physical drive to suck it up and pass. Depending on what is going on, is how soon or late batt will send you, remember, we have a war going on, and that takes precedence.

Ranger school is currently 8 weeks 5 days long.
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