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how awesome that i found this thread! my boyfriend is in the 2-60th right now, B company. I'm sure you've heard the rumors of graduation changing but my boyfriend's sister called and it is still the 20th. only one more month!

with letters and everything, don't be hesitant! i have sent one letter every day and the letters they get are some of the best motivation they receive. they'll gladly do pushups to hear from you. my boyfriend's done 140 pushups for 7 letters so it's really great for them to hear from the family. about the phones, i believe they got their phones back, not sure about all of the companies though. the calling schedule will always be erratic, the entire company could get in trouble and be declined phone privileges for that Sunday or the line could just be super long and they just won't get a chance to call. flights out there will always be a little pricier because let's face it, Columbia is kinda out of the way lol but if you're booking a hotel, go for the northern point of Ft. Jackson because that will be the graduation entrance.

this is random but if you've looked at the Ft. Jackson website and checked the photo gallery on the BCT page have you found your soldier anywhere? i haven't had any luck lol
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