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Red face dates of graduation

Originally Posted by mshanson View Post
Well thanks everyone for the nice comments, it does help. It's now been two weeks without a call or a letter. Last we talked with him he had the flu and sounded awfull. I'm a bit worried at this point so hope he will call today??? If not, I just might have to get in touch with the recruter and say "find out if he is ok!!!!" LOL LOL LOL.

Last we talked he mentioned they were sending out packets about graduation dates but we have not seen anything yet? This is for CCompany 2/60th. Anyone else gotten dates yet???

I've been watching the air and hotel rates and not only are they going up but the hotels are starting to fill up as well!!! Sure would be nice to get dates so we could make plans.
The web site says that Gradualtion is March 20th. Which corresponds to the new extended 10 week BCT for additional training. However, it says to wait to book hotel and room until you know that your soldier is going to graduate. ( I know we never think our soldier... but maybe injury or what ever)
My daughters and I haven't recieved a phone call either, in two weeks. You would think Valentine's weekend... but no mercy. 2-60th are fine I am sure.... There are medics and doctors and such if your soldier needs medical attention.
My previous conversations with my husband suggested that they were going "camping" this week, so pray for good weather.
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