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Thanks for the advice. Was thinking that maybe we would all write but send in one envelope lol. He's a long time wrestler so he is used to the physical stuff. Used to have contests with his recruiter to see who could do more pushups. Think last time they hit 105? At first he was like . . . it's not bad I've had coaches yell at me more and worked out harder for meets but I think maybe this last week he might be hitting that point of break down they all go thru? He's a tuff guy so I'm sure he will be fine. I think for myself, being a mom and us having a close relationship, the lack of communication is hardest on me (grin).

Having this forum and someplace to "whine" last night was a real help! I'm really very proud of his choice and am looking forward to seeing how this will change him when it's all over. Looking forward to seeing him at graduation!

Thanks for your reply!
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