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gscanlin 12-07-2004 12:20 PM

AFPT Requirements
I recently have joined the Army National Guard and was mobilized in June 2004. Since becoming a member, I have been bother by the APFT that the Army has in place. First, I believe that PT is important, however I have never seen so many permenant profiles in my life. Whether running, situps or pushups there are by far way to many. To me this is a very big problem, especially the way the physical training is preached in the military. I am also surprised that when you attend a leadership school you must take and pass a PT Test. There are 2 semi-annual test given each year and this should be enough for you to attend a school without taking a test. I believe that as a class you should continue to perform PT but not to be tested. I also don't think that I should be competing with someone on a permenant profile for a promotion. Maybe I am missing something, if there is anyone out their that can shed some light on the matter please post a suggestion.

Accord 05-24-2005 09:26 PM

Well I hate to say it, but you worry about 2 a year...I was in ROTC in college for 3 years and each month we had a test at the beginning of the month so thats like 8 months or so each year.....and I am in college full time and have an eavning job. I hate to burst your bubble but I dont wana hear about 2 times a year when your in training. Just knock it out and youll be done for 6 more months or so!

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