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turbodyota 03-21-2009 04:34 PM

Wife With Questions About AIT School

My husband is leaving on the 25th of may for BCT and was wondering after BCT when going to AIT school, will it be available for wives to come? Or if we are able go, do we stay with then or have to move on own expenses? Any info. would be great, thanks.

joslyn147 03-21-2009 04:50 PM

Well my husband is in Basic right now. His AIT is 24 weeks long. You are not allowed to live with them unless their AIT is more than 20 weeks. If it is than after the 11th week you will be allowed to live together. If it's less than 20 weeks, you can move by him but it would be at your expense, and you would only get to see him when he was allowed passes off base. The housing pay that you get is based on his home town, so if you moved you would still only get the amount of money you get while he is at basic.
Hope this helps

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