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kainman 10-22-2006 11:04 AM

25U Signal Corps
Ok so I enlisted im only 17 delay entery but i signed in for 4 years and i just have a question dont i get a enlistment bonus of atleast $3,000 I mean they didnt say anything and sadly it kindy sliped my mine but is there anyway too still get that bonus dose any one know going to talk to my recuiter when i can but if say i didnt get it like the goverment played me can i still play them back :D thx for any help.

Tapley25U 03-16-2007 09:05 AM

I also enlisted as 25U Signal Support Systems, but also didn't recive an enlistment bouns. I leave June 27th for Fort Benning and then off to AIT at Fort Gordon. I will check with my recruiter also to see if there was supposed to be a sign on bonus or not. It really depends on how you do on your asvab testing.:cool:

85_305 06-02-2007 05:54 PM

Ya it really depends, but I have not heard of an MOS that isn't giving bonuses. This isn't the damn Marine Corps, you should be getting something. ***** to your recruiters about it, and see whats up. If anything, revoke your contract, then put a new one in. You should be deffinently getting a bonus guys :)

PvtTerry 05-22-2009 08:05 AM

25u enlistment bonus
25u (signal support system specialist) has a 25k sign on bonus. i enlisted 20080722 and got 20k

lilyOhio 05-22-2009 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by PvtTerry (Post 85706)
25u (signal support system specialist) has a 25k sign on bonus. i enlisted 20080722 and got 20k

this thread is like 3 years old, lol. i don't think he is replying. and they change the bonuses constantly, or so i have heard. and i believe if it is not in your contract you aren't getting it.

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