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sfclouisaagne 05-25-2009 05:02 PM

new to the site
hello everyone im new to the site about to get orders to leave fort belvoir anyone know any great posts for a 25b :p

MSG Glenn 05-25-2009 05:48 PM

Welcome to, SFC!

I suppose any post is as good as any for a 25B (computer weenie, right?) but I'm partial to Ft. Bragg or maybe Ft. Benning. I'm sure the 82nd could use your services. :o Maybe you could even take a laptop with you on the fast way off an aircraft.

Even though I was never there I heard that Ft. Carson & Ft. Lewis are real nice. Ft. McCoy, WI, although basically a Reserve & Guard training center has a large Active Army component if you like WI winters & lots of woods similar to western Europe.

It's probably sufficient to say that most Army posts have their good points as well as their bad. It's in which balance they have them. :D The posts I've been to, mostly TDY, were Campbell, Hood, Sill, Riley, Knox, McCoy, Benning & of course Bragg. A lot to be said about all of them. If what's said is good or bad is up to you.

sfclouisaagne 05-25-2009 05:57 PM

im stationed at whca right now trying to figure out a great place to go for family as well how is heidelburg germany or ft. polk or amberden md :o

jrj1000 05-26-2009 04:04 AM

Welcome to the forums Sarge

MSG Glenn 05-26-2009 04:56 AM

I was never in Germany but my brother-in-law started his military carrer ther when he was in the Army & he finished it of in the Air Force at Ramstein. He loved Germany. He was single & has been retitred for quite some time so that won't relate very well.

I kept my family at home in Milwaukee in the house we owned rather than bring them dow nto Bragg. They'd come down for the summer & stay at my buddy's house. They were childless & doted over my kids. My wife & his wife got along real well, better than sisters.

I was usually able to get leave over Christmas time & sometime in the year when the kids were in school so I could meet the teachers & see first hand how the kids were doing or at Easter.

I know nothing about Polk except my cousin took his Engineer training there during 'Nam. He said it's a known fact that Beetle Bailey's Camp Swampy is patterned after it. (? :confused: ?)

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