If you have prior service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Guard or Reserve, all branches are welcome, your country wants you back and they are making it easier than ever to return to service. The U.S. Army is offering great benefits and bonuses and making sure that your valuable prior service is carried over into your reenlistment.

If you have prior military experience, put it to good use serving your country again while earning good money and great benefits. Having served, you know what an honor it can be to come to the aid of your country, and how rewarding it can be. It doesn't matter what branch you served with, the U.S. Army is looking for you.

Did you know you can get big bonuses for your Prior Military Service?. The U.S. Army is offering up to $20,000 to join back up. Do you still have what it takes?

To Re-enlist with the U.S. Army, you still need to pass it's requirements.

* Must be physically fit.
* Must meet Army height and weight standards.
* Eight-year service obligation still applies.
* Minimum term of service is three years.
* Must have approved DD Form 368.

Are you looking to make a switch from another branch (Air Force, Navy, Marines) and Go Army? The Army has a program with you in mind. The Blue To Green program allows for you to transfer over along with the time you've earned.

Reenlistment Eligibilty Codes

Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) codes are contained on military discharge documents (DD Form 214, Record of Discharge) and determine whether or not one may reenlist or enlist in a military service at a later time. A Separation Code is also considered and is a numerical or alphabetic code which defines the reason a discharge was granted. While the primary factor on whether or not one can reenlist lies with the RE Code, the services also use the Separation Codes to determine whether or not one is eligible. An individual's Separation Code is also found on the DD Form 214. » Read More
Pay & Benefits

Pay & Benefits will depend on whether you go Active Duty or Reserves. Many of the benefits you had when you were in the service previously have been improved and you may be eligable for bonuses depending your previous experience and MOS.

- Active Duty Pay & Benefits
- Reserve Pay & Benefits

There are more than 150 ways to be a solider! Pick from over 150 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS's).

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