Enlist : Military Occupation Specialties (MOS)
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Infantry (IN)
11CIndirect Fire Infantryman
11XInfantry Enlistment Option
11ZInfantry Senior Sergeant (Rank 1Sgt)
Field Artillery (FA)
13BCannon Crewmember
13CTAC Fire Operations Specialist
13DField Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist
13ECannon Fire Direction Specialist
13FFire Support Specialist
13MMultiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember
13PMultiple Launch Rocket System Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist
13RField Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator
13SField Artillery Surveyor
13WField Artillery Meteorological Crewmember
13XField Artillery Enlistment Option
13ZField Artillery Senior Sergeant
Air Defense (AD)
14EPATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
14JAir Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator
14MMan Portable Air Defense System Crewmember
14RBradley Linebacker Crewmember
14SAVENGER Crewmember
14TPATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
14ZAir Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant
Aviation (AV)
15BAircraft Powerplant Repairer
15DAircraft Powertrain Repairer
15FAircraft Electrician
15GAircraft Structural Repairer
15HAircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
15JAircraft Armament/Electronic/Avionics Systems Repairer
15KAircraft Components Repair Supervisor
15MUtility Helicopter Repairer
15NAvionic Mechanic
15PAviatlon Operations Specialist
15QAir Traffic Control Operator
15RAH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer
15SOH-58D Helicopter Repairer
15TUH-60 Helicopter Repairer
15UMedium Helicopter Repairer
15VScout/Observation Helicopter Repairer
15XAH-64 Armament/Electrical Systems Repairer
15YArmament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer
15ZAircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant
Special Forces (SF)
18BSpecial Operations Weapons Sergeant
18CSpecial Forces Engineer Sergeant
18DSpecial Forces Communications Sergeant
18ESpecial Forces Communications Sergeant
18FSpecial Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant
18XSpecial Forces Candidate
18ZSpecial Forces Operations Sergeant
Armor (AR)
19DCavalry Scout
19KArmor Crewman
19ZArmor Senior Sergeant
Corps of Engineers (EN)
21BCombat Engineer
21CBridge Crewmember
21EHeavy Construction Equipment Operator
21GQuarrying Specialist
21HConstructlon Engineering Supervisor
21JGeneral Construction Equipment Operator
21NConstruction Equipment Supervisor
21PPrime Power Production Specialist
21QTransmission and Distribution Specialist
21Rlnterior Electrician
21STopographic Surveyor
21TTechnical Engineering Specialist
21UTopographic Analyst
21VConstruction and Asphalt Equipment Operator
21WCarpentry and Masonry Specialist
21XGeneral Engineering Supervisor
21YTopographic Engineering Supervisor
21ZCombat Engineering Senior Sergeant
Signals Corps Branch (SC)
25Blnformation Technology Specialist
25CRadio Operator Maintainer
25FNetwork Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer
25LCable Systems Installer/Maintainer
25MMultlmedia Illustrator
25NJNN-N Nodal System Operators/Maintainers
25PMicrowave Systems Operator/Maintainer
25QMultichannel Transmission Systems Operator
25RVisual Information Equipment Operator- Maintainer
25SSatellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer
25TSatellite/Microwave Systems Chief
25USignal Support Systems Specialist
25VCombat Documentation/Production Specialist
25WTelecommunications Operations Chief
25XSenior Signal Sergeant
25ZVisual Information Operations Chief
Judge Advocate General Branch
27DParalegal Specialist
Military Police Corps (MI)
31BMilitary Police
31DCriminal Investigation Special Agent
31EInternment/Resettlement Specialist
Military Intelligence Branch (MI)
33WMI Systems Maintainer/Integrator
96BIntelligence Analyst
96DImagery Analyst
96HImagery Ground Station Operator
96RGround Surveillance Systems Operator
96UUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator
96ZIntelligence Senior Sergeant
97BCounterintelligence Agent
97EHuman Intelligence Collector
97ZCounterintelligence/Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant
98CSignal Intelligence Analyst (Linguist)
98GCryptologic Linguist
98PMulti-Sensor Operator
98YSignals Collector/Analyst
98ZSignals Intelligence Senior Sergeant
09LTranslator Aide
05HMorse Intercept Operator
05KNon-Morse Intercept Operator
Psychological Operations (PO)
37FPsychological Operations Specialist
Civil Affairs (CA)
38BCivil Affairs Specialist
Adjutant General Branch (AG)
42AHuman Resources Specialist
42FInformation Systems Technican
42LAdministrative Specialist
Army Band
42R9BTrumpet Player
42R9CBaritone or Euphonium Player
42R9DFrench Horn Player
42R9ETrombone Player
42R9FTuba Player
42R9GFlute or Piccolo Player
42R9HOboe Player
42R9JClarinet Player
42R9KBassoon Player
42R9LSaxophone Player
42R9MPercussion Player
42R9NPiano Playern
42R9TGuitar Player
42R9UElectric Bass Guitar Player
42SSpecial Band Member
Finance (FI)
44CFinance Specialist/Accounting Specialist
Public Affairs
46QPublic Affairs Specialist
46RBroadcast Journalist
46ZPublic Affairs Chief
Chaplain Branch (CH)
56MChaplain Assistant
Mechanical Maintenance (Ordnance Corps)
44BMetal Worker
45BSmall Arms/Artillery Repair
45GFire Control Repairer
45KArmament Repairer
52CUtilities Equipment Repairer
52DPower Generation Equipment Repairer
52XSpecial Purpose Equipment Repairer
62BConstruction Equipment Repairer
63AM1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer
63BWheeled Vehicle Mechanic
63DArtillery Mechanic
63HTrack Vehicle Repairer
63JQuartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
63MBradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer
63XMaintenance Supervisor
63ZMechanical Maintenance Supervisor
68AMedical Equipment Repairer
68DOperating Room Specialist
68EDental Specialist
68GPatient Administration Specialist
68HOptical Laboratory Specialist
68JMedical Supply Specialist
68KMedical Laboratory Specialist
68MHospital Food Service Specialist
68PRadlology Specialist
68QPharmacy Specialist
68RVeterinary Food Inspection Specialist
68SPreventive MedicIne Specialist
68TAnimal Care Specialist
68VRespiratory Specialist
68WHealth Care Specialist
68W1Combat Medic
68XMental Health Specialist
68ZChief Medical NCO
Chemical Warfare (CM)
74DChemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations Specialist
Recruiting and Retention
79RRecruiter Noncommissioned Officer
79SCareer Counselor
79TRecruiting and Retention NCO (Army National Guard)
79VRetention and Transition Noncommissioned Officer (Reserve Component)
88HCargo Specialist
88KWatercraft Operator
88LWatercraft Engineer
88MMotor Transport Operator
88NTraffic Management Coordinator
88PRailway Equipment Repairer
88TRailway Section Repairer
88URailway Operations Crewmember
88ZTransportation Senior Sergeant
Ordnance (OD)
89AAmmunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist
89BAmmunition Specialist
89DExplosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist
Quartermaster Corps (QM)
92AAutomated Logistical Specialist
92FPetroleum Supply Specialist
92GFood Service Operations
92LPetroleum Laboratory Specialist
92MMortuary Affairs Specialist
92RParachute Rigger
92SLaundry and Textile Specialist
92WWater Treatment Specialist
92YUnit Supply Specialist
92ZSenior Noncommissioned Logistician
Electronic Maintenance
94ALand Combat Electrician
94DAir Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
94ERadio and Communications Security Repairer
94FSpecial Electronic Devices Repairer
94HTest Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Support Specialist
94KApache Attack Helicopter Systems Repairer
94LAvionlc Communications Equipment Repairer
94MRadar Repairer
94PMultiple Launch Rocket Repairer
94RAvionic Radar Repairer
94SPatriot System Repairer
94TAvenger System Repairer
94WElectronic Maintenance Chief
94YIntegrated Family of Test Equipment Operator and Maintainer
94ZSenior Electronic Maintenance Chief

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