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02B Cornet or Trumpet Player N/A
02C Baritone or Euphonium Player N/A
02D French Horn Player N/A
02E Trombone Player N/A
02F Tuba Player N/A
02G Flute or Piccolo Player N/A
02H Oboe Player N/A
02J Clarinet Player N/A
02K Bassoon Player N/A
02L Saxophone Player N/A
02M Percussion Player N/A
02N Keyboard Player N/A
02S Special Band Member N/A
02T Guitar Player N/A
02U Electric Bass Guitar Player N/A
11B Infantryman CO:90
11C Indirect Fire Infantryman CO:90
11X Infantry Enlistment Option CO:90
11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant N/A
13B Cannon Crewmember FA:95
13C Tactical Automated Fire Control Systems Specialist FA:95
13D Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist FA:100
13E Cannon Fire Direction Specialist FA:95
13F Fire Support Specialist FA:100
13M Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember OF:105
13P Multiple Launch Rocket System Operations / Fire Direction Specialist FA:100
13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator SC:100
13S Field Artillery Surveyor ST:95
13W Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember EL:95
13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant N/A
14E PATRIOT Missile System Enhanced Operator/Maintainer MM:105
14J Early Warning System Operator MM:100 & GT:100
14M Man Portable Air Defense System Crewmember (R) OF:90
14R Bradley Linebacker Crewmember OF:100
14S AVENGER Crewmember OF:90
14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer OF:100
14Z Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant N/A
15B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer MM:105
15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer MM:105
15F Aircraft Electrician MM:105
15G Aircraft Structural Repairer MM:105
15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer MM:105
15J OH-58D Armament / Electrical / Avionics Systems Repairer MM:105 & EL:100
15K Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor N/A
15M Utility Helicopter Repairer MM:105
15N Avionic Mechanic EL:95
15P Aviation Operations Specialist ST:95
15Q Air Traffic Control Operator ST:100
15R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer MM:100
15S OH-58D Helicopter Repairer MM:100
15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer MM:105
15U Medium Helicopter Repairer MM:105
15V Unknown -
15X AH-64A Armament / Electrical Systems Repairer MM:100 & EL:105
15Y AH-64D Armament / Electrical / Avionics Repairer MM:105 & EL:100
15Z Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant N/A
18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant GT:110 & CO:100
18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant GT:110 & CO:100
18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant GT:110 & ST:100
18E Special Forces Communications Sergeant GT:110 & SC:100
18F Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant N/A
18X Special Forces Enlistment Option -
18Z Special Forces Senior Sergeant N/A
19D Cavalry Scout CO:90
19E M48 / M60 Armor Crewman (R) CO:90
19K M1 Armor Crewman CO:90
19Z Armor Senior Sergeant N/A
21B Combat Engineer CO:90
21C Bridge Crewmember CO:90
21D Diver GM:100, GT or ST:110
21E Heavy Construction Equipment Operator GM:90
21F Crane Operator GM:90
21G Quarrying Specialist GM:95
21H Construction Engineering Supervisor GM:95
21J General Construction Equipment Operator GM:90
21K Plumber GM:90
21L Lithographer ST:85
21M Firefighter GM:90
21N Construction Equipment Supervisor GM:90
21P Prime Power Production Specialist ST:110
21Q Transmission & Distribution Specialist EL:95
21R Interior Electrician EL:95
21S Topographic Surveyor ST:95
21T Technical Engineering Specialist ST:95
21U Topographic Analyst ST:100
21V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator GM:90
21W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist GM:90
21X General Engineering Supervisor N/A
21Y Topographic Engineering Supervisor N/A
21Z Combat Engineering Senior Sergeant N/A
25M Multimedia Illustrator ST:95 & EL:95
25R Visual Information Equipment Operator - Maintainer EL:110
25V Combat Documentation / Production Specialist ST:95 & EL:95
25Z Visual Information Operations Chief N/A
27E Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer EL:110
27G CHAPARRAL and REDEYE Repairer EL:95
27M Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer EL:95
27T AVENGER System Repairer EL:100
27X PATRIOT System Repairer EL:110
31B Military Police ST:95
31C Radio Operator - Maintainer SC:100 & EL:100
31D Criminal Investigation Special Agent ST:110
31E Corrections Specialist ST:100
31F Network Switching Systems Operator - Maintainer SC:105 & EL:105
31L Cable Systems lnstaller - Maintainer SC:90 & EL:90
31P Microwave Systems Operator - Maintainer EL:110
31R Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator - Maintainer SC:100 & EL:100
31S Satellite Communication Systems Operator - Maintainer EL:120
31T Satellite/Microwave Systems Chief N/A
31U Signal Support Systems Specialist SC:95 & EL:95
31W Telecommunications Operations Chief N/A
31Z Senior Signal Sergeant N/A
33W Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer / Integrator ST:115
35B Land Combat Support System Test Specialist EL:110
35D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer EL:105
35E Radio and Communications Security Repairer EL:110
35F Special Electronic Devices Repairer EL:105
35H Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Support Specialist EL:110
35J Telecommunication Terminal Device Repairer EL:110
35L Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer EL:100
35M Radar Repairer EL:110
35N Wire Systems Equipment Repairer EL:100
35R Avionic Radar Repairer EL:100
35W Electronic Maintenance Chief N/A
35Y Integrated Family of Test Equipment Operator and Maintainer EL:110
35Z Senior Electronic Maintenance Chief N/A
37F Psychological Operations Specialist ST:105
38A Civil Affairs Specialist ST:100
39B Automatic Test Equipment Operator and Maintainer EL:110
44B Metal Worker GM:90
44E Machinist GM:100
45B Small Arms / Artillery Repairer GM:90
45D Self-propelled Field Artillery Turret Mechanic GM:100
45G Fire Control System Repairer EL:95
45K Armament Repairer GM:100
45N M60A1/A3 Tank Turret Mechanic (R) MM:100
46Q Journalist GT:110
46R Broadcast Journalist GT:110
46Z Public Affairs Chief N/A
52C Utilities Equipment Repairer GM:100
52D Power-Generation Equipment Repairer GM:100
52F Turbine Engine Driven Generator Repairer GM:100
52X Special Purpose Equipment Repairer N/A
55B Ammunition Specialist ST:100
55D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist GM:105
56M Chaplain Assistant CL:95
57E Laundry and Shower Specialist GM:85
62B Construction Equipment Repairer MM:90
63A M1 ABRAMS Systems Maintainer MM:100
63B Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic MM:90
63D Artillery Mechanic MM:105
63G Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairer MM:105
63H Track Vehicle Repairer MM:90
63J Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer MM:90
63M M2/3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer MM:105
63N M60A1/A3 Tank System Mechanic (R) MM:100
63S Heavy-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic MM:105
63W Wheel Vehicle Repairer MM:90
63Y Track Vehicle Mechanic MM:105
63Z Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor N/A
67G Utility Airplane Repairer MM:105
68J Aircraft Armament / Missile Systems Repairer MM:100 & EL:95
71D Legal Specialist CL:110
71L Administrative Specialist CL:95
73C Finance Specialist CL:95
73D Accounting Specialist CL:105
73Z Finance Senior Sergeant N/A
74B Information Systems Operator - Analyst ST:100
74C Telecommunications Operator - Maintainer SC:90 & EL:90
74D Chemical Operations Specialist ST:95
74Z Information Systems Chief N/A
75B Personnel Administration Specialist CL:95
75H Personnel Services Specialist CL:95
77F Petroleum Supply Specialist CL:90 & OF:90
77L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist ST:95
77W Water Treatment Specialist GM:90
79R Recruiter NCO GT:110
79S Retention NCO (Active Component) GT:110
79T Recruiting and Retention NCO (Army National Guard) GT:110
79V Retention and Transition NCO (R) GT:110
88H Cargo Specialist GM:90
88K Watercraft Operator MM:100
88L Watercraft Engineer MM:105
88M Motor Transport Operator OF:90
88N Transportation Management Coordinator CL:100
88P Railway Equipment Repairer (R) MM:100
88T Railway Section Repairer (R) MM:90
88U Railway Operations Crewmember (R) MM:95
88X Railway Senior Sergeant (R) N/A
88Z Transportation Senior Sergeant N/A
91A Medical Equipment Repairer EL:110
91D Operating Room Specialist ST:95
91E Dental Specialist ST:95
91G Patient Administration Specialist CL:95
91H Optical Laboratory Specialist GM:100
91J Medical Supply Specialist CL:95
91K Medical Laboratory Specialist ST:110
91M Hospital Food Service Specialist OF:100
91P Radiology Specialist ST:110
91Q Pharmacy Specialist ST:95
91R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist ST:100
91S Preventive Medicine Specialist ST:105
91T Animal Care Specialist ST:95
91V Respiratory Specialist ST:105
91W Health Care Specialist ST:95
91X Mental Health Specialist ST:105
92A Automated Logistical Specialist CL:95
92G Food Service Specialist OF:90
92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist GM:90
92R Parachute Rigger GM:90 & CO:90
92S Fabric Repair Specialist GM:85
92Y Unit Supply Specialist CL:95
92Z Senior Noncommissioned Logistician N/A
96B Intelligence Analyst ST:105
96D Imagery Analyst ST:95
96H Common Ground Station Operator SC:95 & ST:105
96R Ground Surveillance Systems Operator EL:85 & SC:95
96U Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator SC:105
96Z Intelligence Senior Sergeant N/A
97B Counterintelligence Agent ST:105
97E Human Intelligence Collector ST:95
97L Translator/Interpreter (R) ST:95
97Z Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant N/A
98C Signals Intelligence Analyst ST:105
98G Cryptologic Linguist ST:95
98H Communications Locator / Interceptor ST:95
98J Electronic Intelligence Interceptor / Analyst ST:105
98K Signals Collection / Identification Analyst ST:95
98XL Signals / Foreign Language Enlistment Option -
98Z Signals Intelligence Senior Sergeant N/A

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