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The Guard offers a series of benefits ranging from competitive pay and education assistance to insurance and retirement benefits. A broad range of skills are learned through schools and job training, and leadership opportunities are numerous. Beyond these tangible benefits, most Guard members agree that the greatest benefit is the opportunity to serve their country, state and community.

Other Bonuses Additional enlistment bonuses may be available for civilian-acquired skills or for service members with prior service -acquired skills. Guard members are eligible to travel free of charge on a military aircraft when space is available. While a person may be eligible for different bonuses, the law limits the total amount paid. Contact your local recruiter to learn about available bonuses and eligibility requirements.

Enlistment and Extension Bonuses
There are many opportunities to earn money in the Army National Guard. In addition to receiving a monthly paycheck, bonuses are available for those enlisting into critical-skilled positions, completing initial training during a certain period, having previously served in the military, or possessing certain job skills.

Enlistment Bonus
You could receive an enlistment bonus of up to $20,000 for joining the Army National Guard. The eligibility requirements for enlistment bonuses vary. The eligibility requirements for enlistment bonuses vary. Your part-time commitment can fund your full-time education.

Extension Bonus
An extension bonus of up to $20,000 may be available to current Guard members who have no more than 16 years total service. The eligibility requirements for extension bonuses vary.

Serving in the Army National Guard, you have so many ways to earn money for college:

  • The Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve will pay you up to $309 per month for full time enrollment.
  • The Montgomery GI Bill “Kicker” offers qualifying members in certain critical units up to $350 per month for officer candidates.
  • The 100% Federal Tuition Assistance Program offers eligible applicants funding for up to 100% of tuition costs.
  • Your Army National Guard paycheck pays you a competitive part-time salary. For two days of weekend training, you will receive four days’ active duty pay.
  • The Army National Guard also offer significant Enlistment Bonuses to qualifying candidates.
  • Student Loan Repayment (SLRP): Some soldiers may qualify for up to $20,000 in student loan repayment.

In addition to these federal benefits, certain states offer up to 100% tuition assistance.

The Army National Guard offers the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) to help with college expenses. This benefit will pay you up to $309 a month for full-time college enrollment with no contribution from you.
Eligibility requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Have a 6-year enlistment obligation.
  • Must have an MOS or complete OBC (Officer Basic Course)
  • Serve in a drilling unit and remain in good standing.

MGIB-SR Kicker Program
The MGIB Kicker is an incentive, not an entitlement. Applicants and soldiers must apply for and be qualified to receive this incentive at the time of enlistment or reenlistment by signing an ARNG MGIB Kicker Contract, NGB Form 5435-R or NGB Form 5435-1-R, Supplemental.

The basic rules to qualify for the Kicker are as follows:

  • Enlist/reenlist or extend to serve in the selected reserve for six years
  • Complete Initial Active Duty for Training or Officer Basic Course
  • Have a high school Diploma
  • Enlist in a valid, vacant position
  • For NPS applicants, be a CAT I-IIIA (50 or higher on ASVAB)
  • For PS applicants, be MOS qualified


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