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The DEP allows you to enlist in the Army today, but delay reporting for duty up to one year.

Join the U.S. Army's Delayed Entry Program (DEP), and join a group of motivated individuals on the path to achievement and success.

The Delayed Entry Program allows prospective recruits the opportunity to get ready for your transition to the Army. During this time, you can get personal affairs in order, and become better physically and mentally prepared before departing for Basic Training. Future Soldiers will also have scheduled meetings and activities with their recruiter, and will become acquainted with other recruits in their area as they prepare to ship to training.

While you’re in the DEP, you can finish high school or college courses before you leave for Basic Training. If you’re in the DEP while waiting for an opening in an Army technical training school, you can use the time to take care of personal business, attend to job or family obligations, or just relax.

As part of the DEP you will:

  • Maintain weekly contact with your recruiter.
  • Attend meetings and classes set up by your recruiter. At the meetings, you will participate in physical conditioning training, receive information regarding the general history and traditions of the Army, and learn about other general subjects designed to enhance your preparedness for Basic Training.
  • If you have not already graduated, continue to attend and graduate high school. Your graduation and educational training is important to achieving success in life and in the Army. Your recruiter will help you to monitor your progress.
  • Get a head start on Basic Training by preparing yourself physically and mentally and learning Army basics such as policies, terminology and rank structure.
  • Meet and maintain the established height and weight standards.
  • Contact your recruiter of any changes in your status – like new address or phone number, marriage or children, and changes to your medical condition or legal obligations.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that is honorable to you, your family and the Army.
  • Ask to be contacted by your Local Recruiter or Request More Information.
  • Find out what to expect when joining the Army.

While in DEP, take time to learn more about your future and get information to prepare you for the Army, so you can answer any questions that your family may have. Also, become familiar with basic Army terms, such as Army Time, Army Dates, the Army terminology and acronyms.

Bringing Friends into the Family
The future Soldier Referral Program allows future soldiers to earn his/her first promotion to Private (E-2) or Private First Class (E-3). This is accomplished by referring friends, relatives, and acquaintances who subsequently enlist in the Army or the Army Reserve prior to your leaving for Initial Active Duty Training.

The program doesn't just stop there, family and friends can earn points for Army of One gear by referring friends to.

Other referral incentives may be given at the local level; see your recruiter about official details of the program and additional incentives.

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