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While some are called to serve God, others are called to serve their country. Those who serve both are known as Army Chaplains. It's a calling that brings with it some very special responsibilities. The Army Chaplaincy offers Ministers, Priests, Imams and Rabbis the unique opportunity to guide Soldiers and their families through life's triumphs and tragedies. They are involved in the Soldier's "Circle of Life," from births and baptisms, to confirmations and marriage, to illness and last rites. Every day, Army Chaplains positively affect the lives of Soldiers and their families.

Answer the call either full time in Active Duty or part time in the Army Reserve—and as an Army Chaplain, you'll enter the service as an Officer. You'll also attend the Chaplain Officer Basic Course (CHOBC). This is an orientation course where new Chaplains and candidates learn the fundamental military tasks and common skills necessary for all Soldiers as well as how to effectively perform religious support duties in a military environment. However, unlike other Officers, Chaplains do not train with or use weapons.

The Army Chaplaincy is broader than a typical civilian ministry because Chaplains have the unique opportunity to connect Soldiers and family members to God on a daily basis. As a spiritual leader, you'll be helping young men and women become effective Soldiers in body, mind and spirit.

The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. Bringing God closer to the Soldier and the Soldier closer to God.



You will serve in the active Army, with an initial duty of three years.

Part Time

In the Army Reserve, you'll usually serve just one weekend a month and two weeks a year. And, of course, you'll be able to bring invaluable experience back to your civilian ministry.

  1. You must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from your faith group. This endorsement should certify that you are:
    A. A clergy person in your denomination or faith group.
    B. Qualified spiritually, morally, intellectually and emotionally to serve as a Chaplain in the Army.
    C. Sensitive to religious pluralism and able to provide for the free exercise of religion by all military personnel, their family members and civilians who work for the Army.
  2. Educationally, you must:
    A. Possess a baccalaureate degree of not less than 120 semester hours.
    B. Possess a master's degree in divinity or a graduate degree in theological studies, which includes at least 72 hours.
  3. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  4. Be able to receive a favorable background check.
  5. Pass a physical exam.
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