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As with any comprehensive test there are some important things to remember. A comprehensive test is designed to show extensive understanding of the subject being tested. It is important that you study and prepare for the ASVAB but trying to "cram" the night before is counterproductive.

Prepare well in advance so that the day before the test you can get a good night's sleep and not be worried about the test. DO NOT STUDY THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TEST. Watch a movie, watch TV, listen to music. Do something that you find relaxing.

ASVAB Secrets Study Guide

Typically, you will wait in line to take the test. When your group (usually a group of 2 or 3) is called to take the test, remember to LISTEN closely and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. You may have an excellent knowledge base but if you can't follow the instructions you will not be successful. If you do not understand the instructions by all means ASK QUESTIONS. It is the responsibility of the MEPS personnel administering the test to answer your questions and to help you.

When you are actually sitting before the computer take a few deep breaths and listen very carefully. There are only a few keys on the keyboard that you will use in taking the test. Pressing an invalid key may disqualify your test requiring that you retake it on another day.

Read the questions carefully and evaluate your answer. Remember these are timed test but do not rush. You should have ample time to answer each question. If you skip a question you CANNOT GO BACK. So answer as best you can then move on.

Remember, only four areas of the ASVAB are used to compute the overall ASVAB Score. So, in order to score high in the area in which you want to qualify concentrate your study in those specific areas. Don't waste too much time studying areas of the ASVAB that effect jobs that you are not interested in doing.

ASVAB Secrets Study Guide

There are 3 ways to take the ASVAB

  • Paper ASVAB Test - Most people take the computerized ASVAB at MEPs, as part of their overall military processing, but it is possible to schedule to take the paper version of the test in the local area.
  • Computerized Version at MEPS - This is the most common method.
  • Take the ASVAB in High School - If you are satisfied with your score you can use your High School test results.Your High School scores must be no older than 2 years.

Things You Can Not Do:

  • Talk to other people taking the ASVAB
  • Press invalid keys on the keyboard
  • Skip questions-you cannot go back

Things You Definitely Need To Do:

  • Ask questions if you don't understand
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Follow instructions carefully
  • If you don't know the answer it is better to make an educated guess than to leave it unanswered since an you are not penalized for incorrect answers

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