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How is the test scored?
You receive a score for each of the eight subtests, as well as a score for three "composite areas" as described below.

Verbal Ability Composite = Word Knowledge Score + Paragraph Comprehension Score
Math Ability Composite = Arithmetic Reasoning Score + Mathematics Knowledge Score
Academic Ability Composite = Verbal Ability Composite + Math Ability Composite

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Your Raw Score is calculated with the following formula:
(Word Knowledge Score x 2) + (Paragraph Comprehension Score x 2) + (Arithmetic Reasoning Score) + (Mathematics Knowledge Score) = Raw Score

So for example, if you score 20 on Word Knowledge, 10 on Paragraph Comprehension, 20 on Arithmetic Reasoning, and 20 Mathematics Knowledge, your raw score would be 100.

The raw score you obtained is also calculated as a Percentile Score. For example, if you scored in the 60th percentile then 40% of the candidates that were tested scored higher than you and 59% had scores that were lower than yours. This score is very important to a recruiter.

The last calculation derived from your scores is the Military Careers Score. This score is a combination of Academic Ability Composite score and the Mechanical Comprehension and Electronics Information scores. The score range is 140 to 240 with 200 being about average. A book titled Military Careers will accompany your test results. It is designed to describe most of the careers available in the military as well as the job requirements for each career. In addition you can reference a graph that shows your chance of acceptance based on the Military Careers Score.

The scores you obtained in the General Science and Auto and Shop Information subtests are not used to calculate any of the above mentioned scores. These scores are used by recruiters to identify other career areas in which you might be successful.

Your first priority should be to get as high a percentile score as you possibly can.

The term "MOS" (Military Occupational Specialty) is used to identify careers in the Army. When reviewing a potential recruit, the Army will divide your ASVAB subtest score into groups that are called line scores. The ASVAB subtests are:

ASVAB Secrets Study Guide

General Science (GS);
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR);
Word Knowledge (WK);
Paragraph Comprehension (PC);
Numerical Operations (NO);
Coding Speed (CS);
Auto and Shop Information (AS);
Mathematics Knowledge (MK);
Mechanical Comprehension (MC);
Electronics Information (EI);
and Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension (VE).

Note that as Numerical Operations (NO) and Coding Speed (CS) subtests are phased out, some line scores may be changed.

Army Line Scores:

CL - Clerical: VE+AR+MK

CO - Combat: VE+CS+AS+MC (CS has been removed from the ASVAB and is now replaced with a "dummy" score.)

EL - Electronics: GS+AR+MK+MC

FA - Field Artillery: AR+CS+MK+MC (CS has been removed from the ASVAB and is now replaced with a "dummy" score.)

GM - General Maintenance: GS+AS+MK+EI

GT - General Technical: VE+AR

MM - Mechanical Maintenance: NO+AS+MC+EI (NO has been removed from the ASVAB and is now replaced with a "dummy" score.)

OF - Operators and Food: VE+NO+AS+MC (CS has been removed from the ASVAB and is now replaced with a "dummy" score.)

SC - Surveillance and Communications: VE+AR+AS+MC

ST - Skilled Technical: GS+VE+MK+MC

Click here to see a table containing Army careers and the required ASVAB line scores.


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