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Army Time
Because soldiering is often a 24-hour-a-day job, military time is expressed using 24 hours, in groups of four digits ranging from 0001 (one minute after midnight) to 2400 (midnight), based on the 24-hour clock system shown above.

The first two numbers represent the hours after midnight, and the last two numbers the minutes of each hour. For example, noon is 1200 hours, 10:15 p.m. becomes 2215 hours, Army time.

Military dates are expressed by day, month and year, in that order -- abbreviated to the first three letters of the month and last two digits of the year.

For example: August 22nd, 2002 is expressed as 22 AUG 02.

An easy way to remember time between 1300 and 2400 -- is to add the number to 1200. For example: 6 p.m. -- 1200 + 600 = 1800.

Army Alphabet
Good communication is important to any organization. To the Army, the need is vital. Any message that isn't understood correctly can have critical consequences. When you're monitoring a crackling radio transmission, you can't think twice about whether that was "C Company" or "G Company" you heard. Therefore, the Army relies on the phonetic alphabet to clarify communications. There are several versions of the phonetic alphabet. This is the approved Army version.

Army Terminology
ACASP: Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program. If you have a civilian-acquired skill that is needed by the Army or Army Reserve, you may be eligible to enlist at a higher grade and compress the training period.

AD: Active duty

AIT: Advanced Individual Training; follows Basic Training; where job skill training is accomplished.

Army University Access Online: Offers eligible soldiers the opportunity to obtain college degrees or technical certification through internet-based courses while serving on active duty. Soldiers are provided resources as tuition assistance, textbooks, laptop computers, printers and internet access.

ARNG: Army National Guard

ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The exam given to determine your qualifications for service in the Armed Forces.

BCT: Basic Combat Training -- basic training.

CG: Commanding General

ConAP: Concurrent Admissions Program; a joint program between Army Recruiting and more than 1,500 participating colleges that admit eligible soldiers as students while serving their enlistment.

DEP: Delayed Entry Program. The DEP allows you to enlist in the Army today, but delay reporting for duty up to one year.

DOD: Department of Defense

DTP: Delayed Training Program. The US Army Reserve's Delayed Entry Program.

FORSCOM: US Army Forces Command.

GED+: General Educational Development Plus program offers enlistment options to quality young people who have not completed their high school education, but have scored high on the ASVAB.

HRAP: Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program, where qualified soldiers can return to their hometown following graduation from BCT and AIT to assist their recruiter.

ID Card: Identification Card issued upon entry on active duty or entry into an Army Reserve unit.

IRR: Individual Ready Reserve.

MEPS: Military Enlistment Processing Station; where prospective Soldiers receive mental and physical examinations prior to enlistment.

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty; the job skill you will be receiving training in.

MRE: Meal-Ready-to-Eat.

NPS: Non-prior service; a person that has never served in the Armed Forces.

PaYS: Partnership for Youth Success program lets you enlist in the Army for a specific skill and select a post-Army civilian employer that needs an employee with that skill. When you finish your Army tour, you'll have priority job placement with that employer.

PERSCOM: US Army Personnel Command

PS: Prior service; a person who has previous service in the Armed Forces.

PT: Physical Training

RA: Regular Army

RC: Army Reserve Component

Reception Battalion: The first stop after arriving at Basic Training; where administrative paperwork is completed and initial testing is conducted.

SOC: Servicemembers Opportunity College; where you can take college courses at posts around the world.

SSN: Social Security Number; which is also your Army service number.

TPU: Troop Program Unit; Army Reserve unit DTPs are assigned to.

TRADOC: US Army Training and Doctrine Command

USAR: US Army Reserve

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