- 1000 Colleges/Universities
- GI Bill/Tuition Assistance
- College credit for service
- Scholarships
- College credit for service
- Many programs of study

Do you have integrity, courage and the will to succeed? Are you a leader? The Army ROTC may be for you.

Military training, classes and specialty can help towards your degree.

Find out what it takes to qualify for an Army ROTC scholarship. It's easy!

Use Your VA Benefits for College, Trade Schools, and other types of education programs.

The GI Bill was US federal legislation which created a comprehensive package of benefits, particularly financial assistance for entering higher education, for veterans of US military service.

The Servicemembers' Opportunity Colleges (SOC) are a network of 1,400 colleges and universities whose programs are designed especially to help meet the higher education needs of service members.

The US Army has created one of the most innovative programs of higher education in the world – Army University Access Online (known as eArmyU). eArmyU provides access to quality education for enlisted soldiers across the globe, helping them further their professional and personal goals and providing the Army with top preparation for its forces. eArmyU supports the goal of transforming the military into an Objective Force capable of responding to the diverse and complex demands of the 21st century.
Online Degrees for Military Advancement

Ninety percent of servicemembers enter the armed forces for the educational benefits. However, only 50 percent actually use their educational benefits. Here are some compelling reasons why military personnel should seriously consider continuing their education: