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Countires without Armies

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  • Andorra - Defended by France and Spain.

  • Costa Rica - A standing military is prohibited byt the constitution, however the National Guard has military units within it.

  • Haiti - Does not have an army but the rebels have demanded its reestablishment. The National Police maintains some military units.

  • Iceland - Iceland is defended by the US-manned Icelandic Defense Force

  • Kiribati - Defence assisted by Australia and New Zealand.

  • Liechtenstein - Defence and Foreign Affairs by Switzerland.

  • Monaco - Defence by France.

  • Nauru - Defence by Australia.

  • Palau - Defence by United States of America.

  • Panama - Panamanian National Police has military units with defence guaranteed by the United States by treaty.

  • San Marino - Defence by Italy

  • Vatican City - Defence by Italy, ceremonial Swiss Guard has some modern weapons but acts as a security police force.






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